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Bathroom Remodeling Services

Poured Concrete Shower Pans

When it comes to a waterproof shower pan that is as functional and leak-proof as it is beautiful, there’s no better option than poured concrete. The multi-layer system begins with a concrete pre-sloping, followed by a 40 ml liner, then spokes for drainage, and finally topped with a final concrete sloped pan. The result is a leak-proof shower pan, ready for tiling and finishing touches for your perfect bathroom that will last for years.

Poured concrete pans with a built-in concrete curb are the best method for long lasting shower pans. Never should wood be used to create a curb. Beaver Pans’ high-quality craftsmanship means it is virtually impossible for the pans to leak. With more than 40 years of experience, master craftsman Ken Davis has never had a failure. And we stand by our work, with a three-year warranty on all shower pans.

newly poured concrete shower pan

Floor Tiling Service

Our floor tiling services start with the selection of high quality tiles or tiles of your choosing. Before installing any tiles, we take the time to properly prepare the floor and remove any imperfections. Accuracy and layout are essential in any tiling job and we have the tools for the job! We take our time to ensure precise installation techniques are made. We know how important it is for a bathroom to look professional and pristine so we’ll do the job right!

Customized Shower Pans

Poured concrete shower pans are leak-proof because they are poured on-site using premium waterproof materials, extending to the top of the curb and above the surrounding walls. Custom-poured shower pans can be created to fit any size or shape that your imagination constructs. These aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a customized product designed to fit perfectly in your space. Compared to standard fiberglass or foam pans that only come in a few sizes, poured concrete shower pans are built to last and perfectly match your bathroom.

Beaver Pans makes it simple to get a fully customized shower pan. We’ll work with you to gather the size and shape of the shower pan to provide an accurate price—either in person or through text or email. From there, we’ll secure a high-quality drain grate to match the finishes of the bathroom and relocate the drain’s plumbing if needed. When the bathroom is ready for shower pan installation, we’ll install a multi-layer system to prevent leaks, and ultimately provide peace of mind.

shower pan installation in progress with tape and coverings


Brushed Bronze

Satin Nickel

Oil-rubbed Bronze

Shower Pans for Remodels and New Builds

A custom-poured concrete shower pan is the perfect addition to transform any bathroom, whether it’s in a new build or a remodel. We have worked in all types of bathrooms including; homes, offices, resorts, and assisted living facilities. Our unique breadth of experience means we understand the entire construction process and know the best time to install the shower pan to ensure a smooth construction or remodeling process for the rest of the bathroom.

Beaver Pans works with home builders, contractors, and homeowners across Northern Colorado. For new construction, it is preferred to install pans before the installation of sheetrock. Installing pans at this time will eliminate the need to replace sheetrock after the installation of the pan. Homes with existing drywall require a slightly longer process to remove the drywall and relocate the drain plumbing if necessary. No matter the type of bathroom, we’ll work with you to create a custom shower pan and leave the bathroom ready for tiling and other finishes to create your perfect space.

finished concrete poured shower pan